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Maguellanic Year

Five hundred years ago, Seville was the protagonist of the greatest landmark in the history of the world’s oceans up to that time:The First Circumnavigation of the World. A naval feat of which Spain was a pioneer in the adventure of global trade and which allowed us to get to know the planet in all its dimensions thanks to a route which, over four centuries, served to connect the East and the West.




The Seville 2030 Strategic Plan

The Seville 2030 Strategic Plan is a planning process through a methodology based on participation, developing processes of listening, detection of needs and interés, and generation of agreements about the main challenges of the city and the way to deal with them.

The Cartuja Science and Technology Park

The Cartuja Science and Technology Park is the first international example of the reuse of a world exhibition (Expo’92) facility as a connection point between universities, science and business.

Its success is reflected in its motto: Innovate, collaborate, grow.

Tourism Sevilla

The companies that make up the tourism sector in Seville are the essential pillar on which the good development of tourism in the city is based.

Find out what to visit, where to go, shopping areas, useful information and the best plans.

Horizonte Seville

Horizont Sevilla demonstrates everything that has been done in recent years in Seville to achieve sustainable growth, and marks an attitude that strengthens this strategy. Right now, when the city i son everyone´s lips due to its own intrinsic, and therefore enduring, characteristics, now is the best momento to believe in a horizon that will strengthen our future.o

The University of Seville

The University of Seville is an institution that provides the public service of superior education by means of studies, teaching, and research, as well as the generation, development and diffusion of knowledge to serve citizens and society.


Murillo and Seville

On this 400th anniversary of his birth, Seville wants to pay tribute to the painter with an ambitious program of commemorations that aims to explore the past of the city, Murillo’s times, and to link his innovation to the present, to a capital city that embraces its roots to move forward with them into the future. Murillo must be revisited and disseminated under a look that rediscovers the value of his master stroke.

Pablo de Olavide University

The Pablo de Olavide University is at the service of society and is defined as a place of reflection and critical thinking committed to contributing to progress, to teaching respect for fundamental rights and public freedoms, to promoting equality between women and men, solidarity and human values and to responding to the needs and problems of contemporary society.

International University of Andalusia

Public University of the Andalusian University System, postgraduate, committed to the sustainable progress of its environment, with an international vocation and cooperation in solidarity, especially with Latin America and the Maghreb, which responds with quality, innovation, agility and flexibility to the emerging challenges of society in the different fields of science, technology, culture and the arts.