- ACI awards Seville Airport with the’Best European Airport Award -

30 países, un mismo compromiso y objetivo

The International Airports Council (ACI) has awarded Seville Airport the’Prize for the Best Airport in Europe, in the category of aerodromes with a volume of between five and ten million passengers per year’.

The award was received by Aena’s General Manager of Regulated Business, Javier Marín, and the airport director, Jesús Caballero.

This award, which was presented at a gala event held in Brussels and which Seville shares with Bristol Airport, highlights the efforts made in recent years by the Seville airport to improve quality parameters, both in its facilities and in the services it offers to airlines and passengers.

This effort has been structured around two main areas of work. On the one hand, the adhesion in 2013 to ACI’s ASQ (Airport Service Quality) programme, a quality measurement system that allows the level of service offered to be tested and compared with that of airports of similar size in the rest of the world, with the added requirement that this represents.

On the other hand, in 2014, Seville Airport launched a quality plan, which saw the light of day with around a hundred initiatives and which has been joined by new ones as the first ones have been covered.

Since then, it has allocated more than 4.4 million euros to actions such as the opening and expansion of the VIP lounge, refurbishment of boarding lounges, expansion of the passenger filter, installation of automatic boarding pass readers, refurbishment of toilets, renovation of terminal furniture, refurbishment of the check-in area, installation of a children’s playground, incorporation of four new passport control booths, construction of a new airport coordination centre (under construction) or optimisation of the air conditioning system, among many others.

These are measures whose main objective is to ensure that passengers and airlines have the best possible experience when transiting through the airport.

A new terminal building

Following the same premise, the most ambitious project undertaken at Seville Airport in nearly three decades will begin in the coming months: the extension and remodelling of the terminal building. This work will enable the facilities to be modernised and their operating capacities to be optimised with a view to future growth.

On the other hand, and in parallel with the reform of the terminal, the increase of the runway will be undertaken, an important project that has been put out to tender for more than 20 million euros.

Both actions have also weighed heavily on ACI’s decision to reward the airport, as it has not only assessed what has been done so far, but also the measures that will be put in place in the short and medium term to continue improving the perceived quality parameters.

Another aspect that ACI has taken into account has been the proactive approach to airport marketing, which, in coordination with local institutions, has enabled it to capture numerous routes – more than 20 last year alone – and to close 2017 with a historic record of 5,108,807 passengers.

The commitment to the environment (replacement of the lighting system to reduce energy consumption, programme to reduce the carbon footprint, agricultural crops) and to the social environment it serves (school visits, open days for amateur aeronautics photographers, charity races, ambulance flights) was also underlined.