- The Seville City Council sets up an innovative system for the conservation of trees without chemical herbicides -

 It is a pioneering system in Spain made with machines that use natural foam that respects the environment.

The City Council of Seville has begun testing a new system for controlling shrubs and improving the conservation and maintenance of trees and green areas with methods without chemical and completely natural herbicides. The aim is to ensure that work on the search for alternatives is compatible with the use of glyphosate, as approved by the plenary, whenever necessary and outside the contracts already signed in which this substance is excluded.


One of the companies contracted is testing in Seville a new pioneering system in Spain through machines that use 100% natural and environmentally friendly foam with hot water in the treatment of shrubs and unwanted vegetation.


Sustainable alternative models


In 2016, Seville approved the prohibition of chemical herbicides such as glyphosate in the treatment of streets, plots, green areas or tree trunks with the aim of promoting more natural and environmentally friendly alternatives. Thus, Seville was one of the most advanced cities in terms of glyphosate limitation and the development of other procedures.


One year later, the member states of the European Union approved the renewal of the approval for the use of glyphosate for a further five years, given that there are no scientific or legal reasons for its prohibition. For this reason, the Plenary approved this May the use of glyphosate in those cases where it is necessary and always outside the contracts for the conservation and maintenance of trees and green areas. However, and in compliance with the commitment to achieve the highest levels of environmental protection and the fight against climate change, preliminary work is already underway in Seville to develop alternative models that can also be exported to other cities that are in the same situation of transition and search for alternative models.