Local Government Network for Cooperation

For three days, the city of Seville will become the capital of sustainability, where debates and open forums will take place with the participation of renowned personalities

The II Global Forum of Local Goverments will take place on 24 to 26 January in Seville. It is a world initiative which counts on the support of UN and it will gather leaders of local goverments around the world. The main objective of the Summit it is to debate and analyze the great global challenges that will enable us to progress with a more inclusive and sustainable development economically, socially and environmentally.

A place where bringt to light the role of the cities as a solution instead of generator problems. At the same time a space to focus on transformation processes aimed at Cities and Smart Destinations, taking into account key elements such as governance, social cohesion, urban planning and mobility, public service management, sustainability and energy.

The Congress is an inspirational setting to meet, learn and share the different experiences in our common mission to put forward a solution to the great global challenges of the earth such as: end extreme poverty, fight against inequality and injustice and put forward solutions for climate change. This is an innovative plant which hope to set up a cooperation network between different goverments to generate wealth, and development.

Among its objectives is to reach agreements between local governments with which to continue making progress in the fulfilment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), included in the United Nations New Urban Agenda 2030, signed in Ecuador in October 2016, in order to ensure sustainable social and economic progress throughout the world.

With this initiative, Seville becomes a city of reference in the debate on the role that cities should play in world development, as well as a meeting place where good practices that are being carried out around the world can be shared. As well as consolidating collaborations at the environmental, economic, technological and social levels.

For this reason, local authorities are fundamental pillars for sustainable development on a global scale because they are a key potential for an imagined and projected society in the sustainable development agendas. Local governments are at the heart of the dynamics of global agenda-setting and a more sustainable urban future can be seen today in small cities.

It will be the cities that will determine whether the world will continue on the path of resource exploitation, or whether it will be feasible to change course towards a more sustainable society. Let us not forget that cities are essential agents since they are the places where, according to UN data, more than half of the world’s population is concentrated.

Therefore, this forum emphasizes that local governments need strong implementation plans to achieve the goals, and innovative solutions are needed to help create people-centered cities. In this regard, civil society can play an important role in enabling local people and governments to work together.